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Safety on park - Updated

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Safety on park - Updated

26 July 2022

Dear Owners , Guests , Staff & Visitors 

I write this on an evening where our fears and concerns of a minority of Caravan Owners renting their caravans out to dog owners (despite being against recent Park Rules) has resulted in a child being bitten today, which in turn has resulted in a hospital visit. We all wish the little girl a very speedy recovery. 

The Police protocol as they did today, is to attend such reported dog attacks with an Armed Response Unit. The media is full of dog attacks and sadly deaths due to such. This is a real risk, evidenced today. The Police treat it as a serious risk, so do we. 

We do not want this again as I am sure that you don’t.

This is traumatic for a child and their family. It's totally unjust, unfair and we need your co-operation to ensure that it does not happen again.

For clarity, this is what we will adhere to with no exceptions.

  1. Owners dogs only on park, to be registered at Reception asap. Dogs must be present in reception when registering them. Dog tags will be available from reception the first week of August. 
  2. No dangerous dogs allowed. 
  3. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.
  4. Dogs must be kept under control at all times and not able to roam around the park freely. If a dog escapes then please retrieve your dog as quickly as possible. 
  5. Dog mess to be picked up and disposed of in the dog bins.
  6. Children are to be supervised by an adult when walking a dog unless confident enough to control and clean up after their dog. 
  7. No fences or 'dog runs' to retain dogs are allowed under any circumstances. This is a health and safety risk and prevents access for emergency services. 
  8. Please remember to ask owners of dogs if you can approach their pet. Many dogs are shy and do not like being approached by someone new. 
  9. If you are hiring your caravan out and the guest has a service dog, they are of course allowed, however they must be registered at reception and present the appropriate documents. 
  10. You as a Caravan Owner are responsible for ensuring that if you rent your caravan out that your guests are aware that their dogs are not allowed. Their hire of your caravan will be immediately terminated and it is highly probable that Termination of the Site Licence will follow.
  11. We strongly recommend that you have Liability Insurance for your dog as an attack could lead to you being sued. 
  12. Our Word is Final, Safety comes first.

I am sorry if this seems hard lined but we have to look after the safety and well being of thousands of people during each season. We are a dog loving family but we too took a business decision in 2018 not to rent our own Hire Fleet out to accommodate dogs for one of the concerns of what has happened today on the park. We have previously attempted through letters and social media to advise and educate all. Sadly some wish not to pay attention which is not acceptable behaviour.

We trust the above is clear, please do advise the staff and reception of any flouting the rules which after all are to protect us all.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Team Marine