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October Swimming Pool Opening Hours

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October Swimming Pool Opening Hours

12 October 2021

Our swimming pool is still open for you to all enjoy! Opening times below - 


  • Tuesday 12th October 10-4pm
  • Wednesday 13th October 10-4pm
  • Thursday 14th October 10-4pm
  • Friday 15th October 10-4pm
  • Saturday 16th October 10-5pm
  • Sunday 17th October 10-5pm



  • Monday 18th October 10-4pm
  • Tuesday 19th October 10-4pm
  • Wednesday 20th October 10-4pm
  • Thursday 21st October 10-4pm
  • Friday 22nd October 10-4pm
  • Saturday 23rd October 9-6pm
  • Sunday 24th October 9-6pm
  • Monday 25th October 9-6pm
  • Tuesday 26th October 9-6pm
  • Wednesday 27th October 9-6pm
  • Thursday 28th October 9-6pm
  • Friday 29th October 9-6pm
  • Saturday 30th October 9-6pm
  • Sunday 31st October 9-6pm


Bookings are still required and can be made in reception. Complex passes are necessary to make your booking upon arrival. The reception is open from 9am until 5pm* every day. 


*The reception will open from 9am until 6pm for Half Term from Friday 22nd October until Sunday 31st October.