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Snow worry about a thing!

Snow worry about a thing!

06 March 2018  |  Tagged:

***Owners Notice***

Snow worry, about a thing, ’cause every little thing is gonna be alright!

Just a little notice to thank you all, sincerely for your understanding and patience during the adverse weather conditions last week!

We’re back on track and ready to welcome you all back!

So whilst the weather isn’t quite ‘Beachy’¬†everything here is all peachy!¬†

The Cafe, Arcade and Bar are open, the pool is heating up back to regulation temperatures!

The chippy is making progress and we’re having beautiful new signs fitted very soon.

Everything is shaping up nicely, of course the snow has halted us slightly, but we’re swiftly moving forward. If you need anything at all remember your exclusive owners team are available to help you, and the sales staff are on hand to assist you with any relevant queries!

Last thing to mention, don’t forget your owners opening party is on the 17th March.


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