Parking on the Grass

Parking on the Grass

03 April 2017




Firstly, thank you to all owners and guests who do not park on our grass.


Part of the £2.5 million investment this year has gone on purchasing new turf for the park. We want the park to look the best it can for our guests and owners. Our maintenance men are out on the park every day come rain or shine to ensure that the highest standards are kept.

We are asking all of our owners and guests to please not park or drive on the grass. If anybody is caught parking on the grass and not a designated parking area, or driving on the grass, a £25 fine will be issued.

The £25 will not go to the park however, it will go to Caudwell Children our chosen charity on park.

We ask that you respect our request as this park is for all of us here at Marine to enjoy.

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