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Shutdown Safety

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Shutdown Safety

06 January 2022

As the winter shut down approaches we want to share top tips on how to keep your Holiday Home safe this winter!

If you have not done so yet there is still time to book your Drain Down with a member of the team. This means that your holiday home has been winterised correctly and protected against any freezing weather. Our team will also Drain Up your holiday home so it is ready and safe for the new season. To book please call 01745 345 194, the office is open every day from 9am until 5pm. 

Whilst the park remains to have security throughout the shut down period we do ask that you take further precautions to help keep not only your holiday home but also the park safe. 

  • Remove any valuables from inside.
  • Remove any electronic devices from sight or take them home with you. 
  • Turn your table and chairs upside down to show the holiday home is not in use. 
  • Tie back your curtains so it is clear the holiday home is empty. 
  • Take any bicycles or scooters etc home with you. Please do not leave these hanging around or under your caravan. 
  • Ensure any outdoor furniture is safely tied down or taken away. 
  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked. 
  • Ensure any storage boxes are closed and locked. 


As we have said above the park will continue to have security and wardens presence during the shut down, however, we do encourage you follow the above steps to help remain the safety of your holiday home and park. 

From 10th January owners will be able to visit there Holiday Home from 10am until 3pm. Please note - the gates will be closed and therefore you must sign in at reception. Strictly no cars will be allowed on site except Team Members and authorised vehicles. 

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