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Holiday Home Winter Tips

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Holiday Home Winter Tips

09 January 2023

As the season comes to an end it is time to secure your Holiday Home from the winter. 

Here are some helpful tips from Louise, Sales Manager and Geoff, Maintenance Manager. 

  • Book a drain down with the park - some insurance companies require you to do this. Please check your policy. 
  • Leave bowls of salt on tables - this will absorb the condensation. 
  • Remove soft furnishings from the holiday home - curtains, upholstered cushions on your couch, bedding, this will avoid any possible condensation damage. 
  • Remove all valuables from the holiday home e.g. TV.
  • Take home any seasonal items that you keep in your lock box e.g. scooters, bikes. 
  • Leave curtains open so it can clearly be seen that no valuables are in the Holiday Home. 
  • Ask the office for a 'No valuables have been left' sign that you can stick in your living room window. 
  • Leave a spare key in the office so team members can check your Holiday Home for you - this will save you a journey. Please ensure your key is clearly marked with your plot number. 

From January 10th our season has ended and the park will close for overnight guests. 24 hour security remains with a live-on Park Warden as well as a Park Warden situated at the barrier. The office remains open every day from 9am until 5pm, if you would like a team member to check on your holiday home for you please contact us on 01745 345 194. 

If you are planning on making a journey to the park please note that entry is allowed between 10am and 4pm. Cars are not permitted on the park at any time from January 10th until March 1st. 

The winter is the time where our team take well deserved time off but also where we can renovate areas of the park. Please only visit the park unless necessary. 

Thank you, 


Team Marine