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M Factor Final 2017 : 14th October

02 October 2017

The M Factor Final 2017
Saturday October 14th

11 heats.
Over 100 contestants.
Only 1 winner!

So after months of heats and over 100 contestants, we have finally reached the  M Factor final 2017; The Final! On Saturday 14th October here at Marine Holiday Park, a host of brilliant Finalists will battle it out to become our M Factor winner. Worth a mention is that previous contestants going on to pursue professional singing careers, the standard is always sky high!

With a guest judge panel, plenty of brilliant talent on offer and another guaranteed brilliant evening at Marine Holiday Park, M Factor is going to have everyone up dancing! Furthermore there’s a huge £500 prize, M Factor will bring acts from all over the country and even Captain Marine will struggle to pick a winner!

One of the M Factor judges and Marine Holiday Park Director Wyn Williams was able to sit down with us and give us an insight into what M Factor is all about.

So Wyn, what is it you look for in a M Factor winner? Do you know as soon as you hear them for the first time they will go on to win?

Any winner of M Factor firstly has to have a brilliant voice, however they also need to have a stage presence. Unless someone can hold a room, they will struggle to make it through the heats.
Sometimes you do get an act who walks on and when you hear them you think “wow, they really are something”, but due to the level of The M Factor, you never know who will walk on stage after them, so we never really know the winner until the last contestant has finished.

Why do you think The M Factor has been such a success?

Quite simply people love brilliant entertainment and that is exactly what The M Factor brings. Each year brings a group of brilliant finalists, with each and every one offering something completely different to what you would usually expect.

Would you fancy your chances on stage any time soon?

I think you will do well to get me up there! I would probably have to hand out ear plus before I started!

Join us as the 4th judge for a show stopping performance with all the glitz and glamour from just £129!

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