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Local Lockdown

Local Lockdown

01 October 2020

Marine Holiday Park are committed to helping in the fight against Covid 19 and will do everything possible to assist the spread of Coronavirus.

The Welsh Government has unfortunately announced restrictions impacting the Marine Holiday Park from
1st October to 15th October 2020.

Due to government mandated travel restrictions – we unfortunately cannot welcome holidaymakers and non-residents of Denbighshire to the park between the dates highlighted above. We are continually reviewing government legislation and will provide a further update before these dates elapse.

For holidaymakers and owners currently at, or due to travel to these parks – please see the below updates for guidance:
The Park is not Closed as per the previous Lockdown.


I am currently on holiday at Marine Holiday Park

All holiday guests currently at the Park must vacate their accommodation and leave the park by 10am on Friday 2nd October. Please contact the bookings office if you need clarification or any assistance.

I have a holiday booked, due to arrive before or on 15th October

Holidaymakers booked to arrive at the park before (or on) the dates listed above should comply with government legislation and not travel to the park. We are proactively contacting all affected customers, prioritising those who may already be on-park. If you have a booking, we will be in contact shortly.
The options we’re offering affected holidaymakers include:
• The option to push back your booking to a later date or receive a credit.
• Receive a free upgrade subject to availability on your next stay.
• A full 100% refund against the value paid for your holiday.

I have a holiday booked after 15th October

If your booking becomes affected, our teams will contact you directly to discuss your options.

We are continually reviewing government guidance, however, at this time, we cannot confirm any information beyond the 15th October (or the next government announcement – whichever comes sooner).


I am not a resident of the affected area, but I am currently on park, or due to travel to the park

Unfortunately, if you are not a resident of the affected area, and don’t have a ‘reasonable excuse’ to stay in the area, owners should leave the holiday park as soon as is practicable. Once you have left the area, please be cautious about interacting with other people and be aware of any potential symptoms of coronavirus.
If you do have a reasonable excuse to stay, you should follow the local restrictions in place and limit your interactions with others as much as possible.
You can find government guidance on reasonable excuses here:

If you own a holiday home at Marine Holiday Park and are also a resident of the area – and can prove this by providing evidence of your home address – you may be able to stay on park in your holiday home. For further details, please discuss this directly with the team at the park.

If you are a resident of the area and wish to stay on-park, you should follow the local restrictions in place and limit your interactions with others as much as possible.

Please be aware that while our teams will remain on park for security and essential maintenance.

What will happen to my holiday home during this time?

Our team will remain on park during this period so if you require any support in relation to your holiday home please contact the park team directly.

Can I visit the park to collect some personal belongings?

Unfortunately, once the local restrictions have come into effect, you won’t be able to travel to the park after this time.

When can I come back to the park?

The Welsh Government have said they will review the lockdown rules in two weeks and we will be in touch if the situation changes.

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