Karen’s Handy Guide to Barbecuing

Karen’s Handy Guide to Barbecuing

12 April 2018


Now the weather is picking up in North Wales everyone is getting themselves prepared for sunshine and that only means one thing; BBQ! There is nothing better than on a sunny afternoon getting the tongs and steaks ready and eating al fresco! We thought to help you get the most out of your holiday BBQ we would get The Mermaid’s Café Manager Karen to give you a run through on the best way to BBQ.

Slow ‘n Low
When you think about it simply, cooking is pretty simple; you just need the right temperature for the right amount of time. That actually makes it sound a lot easier than it is and especially when using a barbeque! The key trick to a great BBQ is to remember it is not like grilling, which use high and direct heat, you want lower indirect heat over a longer period of time. So to avoid charcoal burgers remember slow ‘n low!

The Meat
It might sound obvious but better the meat, better the BBQ! It might be tempting to get your 10 burger for £1 but when it comes to taste, get yourself to the local butchers and get some handmade burgers or fresh meat. Plus, if you ask the butchers for some recipes they will give you some great tips!

When it comes to a BBQ, us Brits can sometimes let ourselves down with flavourings. All too often we end up with partially black meat which we pop into some baps. There are plenty of great flavouring sauces and rubs available in butchers and supermarkets which will add so much flavour to your meat! Ketchup and mayo are great, but why not try something different and spice up your BBQ this summer? The other top tip for getting the most flavour out your meat is perhaps one of the most obvious; rub some salt and pepper into the meat! It brings out the flavour so much and will make your meat go from dull to full!
Extra Tip: If using a marinade, put some aside and when cooking apply some to the food every 10 minutes or so; it will keep the food moist and make sure no flavour is lost in the smoke!

Don’t Forget The Veg!
BBQ’s are a great excuse to have a feast of great meats, but they really are one of the best ways to cook veg. The charcoal effect can really bring out some great smoky flavours in vegetables; just slice the veg thinly to make sure it cooks well.

The Side Show
Sides are important to a BBQ; it adds something cool and refreshing food to the smoky flavours. A classic potato salad is great, along with buttered corn on the cobs. But it is a great chance to try something different; there are plenty of great BBQ flatbread recipes online so try one of them out!

BBQ’s are a great way to enjoy some great food in the sun and we have some brilliant BBQ and Hog Roast events coming up at Marine Holiday Park for our Owners. It will be a great way to make the most out of your luxury holiday home, which at the moment are more affordable than ever with a 321 Scheme and Electric Pack Deal. Read more here about how you can have free site fees along with no interest, a free decking worth £2500, a 32” TV and much more!

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