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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

18 May 2020

Monday 18th May | Owner Update

Dear Owner,

I hope that you and your loved ones are still safe and well during these unusual times.

I am writing to you with another update following the Government imposed closure of the park on 23rd March. The UK Government advice regarding non essential travel to holiday homes and second homes has so far remained unchanged and we are very grateful for your co-operation, understanding and patience in this matter.

As we are located in North Wales we also come under the regulations set out by the Welsh Assembly Government and First Minister Mark Drakeford. The current lockdown restrictions in Wales do not allow for any ‘non essential’ travel or indeed any travel outside of your local area. These restrictions are reviewed every 3 weeks, and are next due to be reviewed on 29th May.

As such we are sorry to state that we do not currently have a confirmed date for when we will be able to reopen the park.

Welcoming our owners back to park is our number one priority and your safety is paramount to us. As soon as we are able to open we will ensure that all of our owners are informed immediately.

Rest assured that we are using this time to make sure that once we are permitted to open by the Government we will be ready to welcome you back to a park that is safe and clean.

I’m very happy to report that all of the team are safe and well. We have continued to pay everyone their full contractual pay so as to protect the health and wellbeing of them and their families. This also means that we will be ready to welcome you back just as soon as we are allowed to do so. They are undertaking training on new cleaning and health and safety procedures to make sure that both they and you will be safe when our owners return to park.

When you do return to park you will notice that all team members will be equipped with suitable PPE and that the reception area will have been adapted to allow everyone to maintain social distance.

Until we know the full timescale of the closure and have all of the relevant information available we will not be able to confirm or answer some of your questions. We are awaiting this clarification from the Welsh Government and we are taking everything into consideration.

We look forward to being able to give our owners another update when we have more clarity from the Welsh Assembly Government on when we will be able to reopen.

If you have any concerns regarding your holiday home or if their is anything that we can do to assist during this time (such as checking on your electric) please do let us know. Our team is, as always, here and happy to help.

Best wishes, and stay safe,

Wyn, Samantha, Paris & Rio and all of the team at Marine Holiday Park and Tan Rallt Holiday Park

Sunday 5th April | Owner Update

Dear Owners,

I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and in good spirits during these trying times.

I’m writing to you with an update following us having to close the park on Monday 23rd March. The Government was very clear in their advice regarding non-essential travel and the closure of holiday parks across the UK was advised by various trade bodies and and then was legally imposed as part of the UK Government directive in the fight against Covid-19.

There can be no argument against the Government’s policy and we very much support their common sense approach, we are very grateful for your co-operation, understanding and patience in this matter.

You like us watch the news and wonder when normality will resume and when we will be able to reopen for you to use your holiday homes as before.

Sadly, we like you do not have a “crystal ball” and do not know more than we glean from various media sources. It’s an unprecedented situation in which all we can do is sit and wait, stay at home, be safe, follow Government advise and help who we can if and when we are able to.

One quote that I have seen is very true, “You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.“

We thank those of our owners who have contacted us for your various telephone calls  and your emails of support. We as a family appreciate your support and the team have taken great warmth, inspiration and motivation from those owners who have taken the time and energy to convey such lovely words of support.

Looking After Our Team

We thank those of you who have shown concern in relation to our team and your enquiries as to their employment. We too very much value their efforts and are very concerned over their well being and financial position.

We’re proud to state that as a family business we will not be making any redundancies and we will continue to pay all staff 100% of their contractual entitlement.

Some staff are deployed in different roles, such as extra security to ensure their safety of your holiday home,some are working from home where possible and some continue their efforts to enhance the parks within the Government guidelines. Rest assured they will be raring to go when the starting whistle is eventually blown at some time in the future.

Looking After Our Community

You may have read of our assistance to the NHS and Frontline Workers. We as a team decided that it was the right thing to do and are happy to assist the community in any way we can.

The demand for medical staff to self isolate, and the stories and experiences that they have shared have brought home the reality of what many of those frontline health workers are experiencing and the lengths that they are going to to protect their families while also working to protect and save the lives of the public. Their unrelenting commitment and dedication simply brings tears to ones eyes.

Thanks to your cooperation the Parks have become a temporary home for some 16 doctors, 2 surgeons , 2 consultants, 70 nurses (including 10 ward sisters) amongst others.  Some of these folks were sleeping in their cars in the hospital car parks in order to self isolate from family members who were elderly or high risk.

I would personally like to thank those owners who have also very kindly offered to add their holiday homes to the cause free of charge, a true show of the spirit that we are all in this together. May I reiterate that we as a business are providing this very much needed accommodation completely free of charge, not a penny is being incurred by any one.

Looking After Your Holiday Home

We have had a handful of our owners enquiring about Site Fees and whether or not they will they be credited for lost time in next year’s site fees.

Well the truth of the matter is that we have not had the time to yet consider such. These unprecedented times have raised unprecedented issues and unprecedented questions. We acknowledge and sympathise that Covid-19 has raised the same experiences and concerns for you and your families. We will not be in a position to either consider or comment upon such until we have won the battle against Covid-19.

Various factors will then have to be taken into account, such as the timescale of closure, any Government directives, advice from industry bodies such as the BH&HPA, site licence and of course a good deal of common sense and fairness. Whatever it will  be, it will be fair and legally correct as one would expect from us. We are all in this together.

If you are concerned about any matter that you think we can assist with, or if you would like us to check on your holiday home, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If we can help, as always we will.

Thank you for the time to read this, once again we hope that you and yours are all safe. We hope that you are able to stay safe at home and look forward to the Reopening Party that we will be arranging nearer the time.

God bless all and take care.

Wyn, Samantha, Paris and Rio and all of the team at Marine Holiday Park and Tan Rallt Holiday Park

22nd March | Owner Update

A Coronavirus Update and Statement from our Directors –

Dear Marine Holiday Park Owners

This is a statement that in all of our years here at Marine Holiday Park we never thought we’d have to write.My family and I are very concerned about the fast pace at which the COVID-19 Coronavirus is spreading and after much consideration and advice we are now at a point where we are forced to close the park.

The UK Government directive is to stop all unnecessary travel, this includes visiting your caravan or lodge at Marine Holiday Park.

Following the Government advice we are very sorry to say that Marine Holiday Park must close to all at 4pm tomorrow, Monday 23rd March until further notice.

If you are currently on park please ensure that you turn your water off before you leave, and don’t forget to empty your freezer. If you need help with this let us know.

Our team are very important to us here at Marine, and we will still be in the office and contactable by phone to answer any of your questions.

This situation that we are facing as a nation is entirely unprecedented and we all need to follow the advice released by the UK Government in order to ensure the safety of us all.

If we all abide by the social distancing advice released by the UK Government and Public Health Wales then it hopefully won’t be too long until we are able to welcome you back to Marine Holiday Park.

Together we will conquer COVID-19 and look forward to seeing you soon.

If you have any further questions, please call us on 01745 345 194 or email

As you may expect, we are receiving a high volume of enquiries and appreciate your patience at this time.

With best wishes from our family to yours,

Wyn, Samantha and everyone here at Marine Holiday Park

18th March | A Letter from Our Team

Dear Guests As we all face a period of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus, my family, my team & I wanted to update our current and future customers on what we are doing as a business across all our locations to limit any disruption to your travel plans.

Health & Safety First

Here at Marine Holiday Park our key priority is always the health and wellbeing of our guests, our teams and their families.  We continue to follow Government advice and we are taking all precautionary measures throughout our park & facilities.

We’re Open & Ready to Welcome You

Each of our caravans and lodges are self-contained and include full kitchen facilities. Our Housekeeping & Maintenance teams always follow the below procedures to make sure that your holiday accommodation is clean and safe:

  • Our Jacuzzi hot tubs are regularly emptied, cleaned and freshly refilled.  The water in our hot tubs is treated with chlorine (a chemical swimming pool grade disinfectant) to neutralise bacteria.  Each hot tub is checked daily by a team member to ensure the correct chemical balance.
  • Our indoor tropically heated swimming pool is fitted with an automatic dosing system, ensuring that disinfectant levels are always at the correct level to keep our guests both comfortable and safe in line with HSE legislation.
  • Prior to each new guest arrival our holiday caravans and lodges are thoroughly cleaned using antibacterial cleaning products.

In addition to this:

    • Increased cleaning and hygiene procedures which include cleaning of the public areas and accommodation using disinfectant products proven to be effective against the COVID-19 Coronavirus.
    • There is hand sanitizer available throughout the facilities for our customers to use.
    • Additional cleaning is taking place, focusing on areas such as door handles, frequently touched surfaces and toilet facilities.

Our Advice to You

While on park our guests can do the following to assist in the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus

  • Avoid touching your face
  • Carry tissues with you
  • Cover your nose and mouth with your tissues when you cough or sneeze
  • Bin the tissue after use
  • Wash your hands with soap and water
  • Use sanitiser gel where available throughout the park facilities

Our Flexible Booking Policy

We understand that our customers may need to make changes to their travel plans. For all new and existing bookings with an arrival date on or before 21st May 2020 we are offering to waive any administration fees and allow you to change the arrival date of your holiday to later on in the season. The cost to change the arrival date is entirely free, depending on the cost of the accommodation of the new booking, you may have to make a further payment or may receive a partial refund with respect to the cost of accommodation. In order for our Flexible Booking Policy to apply customers must contact us at least 48 hours before their scheduled arrival date. This policy applies to all of our direct bookings, if you have booked through a third-party travel agent or tour operator please contact them in the first instance.

In the Event of Cancellation

If you would like to cancel your booking with us, normal cancellation terms will apply. We are offering any customer who has been told to self-isolate the choice of amending the lead booker name for no charge, allowing them to transfer their accommodation reservation to someone else. If the situation changes and we cancel your booking due to closure following advice from the UK Government or Public Health Wales, we will contact you as soon as possible and offer you the option of changing to an alternative date subject to availability.

Thank you for your Custom

The global situation is changing rapidly, and we will continue to monitor the situation. We are well prepared to face these challenging times and are putting the safety and well-being of our customers and our teams at the forefront of our plans. Our focus is to work hard to support the UK domestic tourism industry. We will continue to send emails with updates, recommendations and promotions, and we look forward to welcoming you to our Park and to North Wales. Best wishes Wyn & Samantha Williams

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