24 May 2017




The end of term school holidays is fast approaching, and so it Whit!

Whitsun is a Christian Festival of the Pentecost, the seventh Sunday after Easter. It is during this time Christians take time to remember the descent of the Holy Spirit among Jesus Christ’s disciples. This is when many believe was the start of the Christian church. In the bible there is an account that claims all of the disciples were gathered together celebrating the Jewish festival of Shavout. They suddenly started talking in a foreign tongue and onlookers mistakenly thought they were drunk. Saint Peter went on to explain that the disciples were influenced by the Holy Spirit and that they had preached the first ever Christian sermon, this drapentecostwing people to convert. This is why Whit Sunday is very popular in modern times for baptisms to take place.

This was the first Pentecost and it marked the start of the Christian Church becoming an official movement, so Whit Sunday is widely celebrated as Christianity’s birthday.

The name Whit Sunday comes from the abbreviation of the words White Sunday, which comes from “the Holy Ghost, whom thou didst send on Whit-Sunday”. It is tradition for the young women of the parish to come to church on Whit Sunday in a new white dress. Whit Sunday is a very popular time for baptisms amongst Christian Chu154058newrches

Certain church events that take place on Whit Monday consist of evening services and bible group meetings. Whit Monday, the Monday after Whitsun, remains a public holiday in the UK. The moveable holiday was replaced with the permanent Bank Holiday in 1978.

Your Whit Weekend Entertainment will be in the Mariner’s Club and bingo will commence from 10pm every steve the magiciannight!!!

Friday 26th May –

Magic Light with party games and dances from 7pm

Kira Mac from 9pm

Saturday 27th May –

FAMILY FUN DAY from 11amamp coil gurus

Steve the magician with party games from 7pm

Amp Coil gurus from 9pm

Sunday 28th May –

Nick the magician with part dances from 7pm

Signed Sealed Delivered from 9pm

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